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About us


Van Buren Point is a unique experience affording tranquility and serenity within a private community amidst beautiful natural surroundings. This is attested to by the fact that its summer residents return year after year; many who came first as renters were so attracted that they have subsequently become property owners.
Primarily, Van Buren Point is a family community and its uniqueness rests largely in the relaxed and safe environment for children.

Bulletin Board

Van Buren Point History Club


This season, we will form a VBP History Club.  The intention is to collect, pictures, information, and stories from the past, and digitize this information for all to enjoy and share into the future.  If interested in participating, please email dancella1009@gmail.com 

Women's Club Events


Below is a link to the 2018 Events Calendar.  There are two versions, a color one, and a black and white one.  Choose the one that best fits with your printing capabilities.


2018 Calendar Color.pdf


2018 Calendar Black and White.pdf 

Upcoming events

01 Sep 2018 10:00 AM • Community Center

Women's Club Survey


The Van Buren Point Women’s Club is looking for information to help plan for a future of fun and meaningful activities and programs for our community.


Please take the survey and share the link below with other family members. The Women’s Club is interested in hearing from men, women, young adults and teenagers so please encourage your family to take the survey. It is only 10 questions and should take just a few minutes to complete. The results may help shape the Women’s Club into a more engaging and inclusive organization serving our VBP community well into the future.




Board Elections


Thanks to the Nominating Committee of Cullen Farrell, Barb Bardo, and Vern DeGrange in nominating the following three individuals for the three openings on the Board.


Amy Atkinson

Dan Cella (running for 2nd term)

Bill McClintic


The election will be held at the September 1st, Association Meeting.  If you would like to be on the ballot, we encourage you to obtain the signatures of three Association Members in good standing.  Below is a form that could be used to nominate or be nominated for the Board.  


Nominating Form.xlsx 


General Information


Quiet Hours:   11 pm to 8 am

Playground:     Open dawn to dusk

Speed Limit:    15 mph

Trash Pick Up: Mondays; May thru October.


Update Email Address?

Are you a member of the Van Buren Point Association and you would like to start receiving information via email, or you would like the email address you have on file updated?  Send an email to vbpboard@gmail.com with your request.

Please note: facebook page is a community page, not sponsored by the VBP Association.

Annual Association Dues


Summer Residents:          $625 / year + $200 for a 2018 assessment

Year Round Residents:     $700 / year + $200 for a 2018 assessment


Due on March 1st.  Starting on March 2nd, a $25 per month late fee will be assessed.


CONTACT US: VBPBoard@gmail.com

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