Safety Tips - Gas Appliances / Gas Meter

09 Feb 2018 8:57 AM | Dan Cella (Administrator)

Thanks to Bruce Barclay for the safety tips listed below in relationship to gas appliances and gas meters:


(1)    In regards to venting of high efficiency gas appliances it is extremely important to make sure that the intake and exhaust pipes (usually made of pvc/plastic) are never covered by snow or blocked by anything.  If the pipes become clogged/blocked the device will not function properly or possibly at all.  High efficiency water heater’s as well as fireplace’s vents also need to be kept clear.  This is extremely important for anyone who heats their structure (home or seasonal/cottage) with natural gas.  I know that there are some who leave heat on in their cottages during the off season for various reasons and a freezing condition could be catastrophic.  Another reason to keep the exhaust pipes clear is that if plugged there is a great risk for carbon monoxide poisoning (a colorless, odorless by product of combustion).


(2)    In regards to gas meters:  If a gas meter gets encased in snow the diaphragm could freeze and cut off the gas to the structure.  This happened not to long ago at the point and at least 3 structures suffered damage with one having major damage.  This incident  happened as a result of moisture getting into the gas supply lines and resulted in the diaphragm freezing and cutting off the gas.  In the cottage with the most damage the resulting loss of gas, shut off the furnace and the water pipes froze and burst.  We were there to help clean up the disaster and it was quite the mess.  So the suggestion is that you keep your gas meter from becoming encased in snow.




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