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As mentioned at our Association meeting on July 2, 2017, the Board has been working on a process to manage the infestation of our ash trees in addition to the Point's other aging trees.  At the special meeting on August 5, 2017, we informed the VBP members of our thinking and shared information with you that we have gleaned from talks with all the tree experts we have consulted thus far.  We want the community to know that addressing the ash tree problem is related to other environmental issues at the Point.  We want to be both reactive to the immediate concern that may require us to remove trees that might endanger people or property but at the same time, we want to be pro-active to think about replanting, and replanting in such a way that preserves a lush tree canopy for the Point, as well as one that can us address the drainage issues that we regularly confront  throughout our community. 


At this information meeting we heard from Craig Vollmer from FORECON.  We are working to formulate a response that might include not only the Association trees but also those on personal property, since many residents have diseased ash trees on their properties. 


Additional updates on what to do next will be forthcoming via email and on this site.  Cottage owners should be sure that we have your correct email.  In addition, we will have more information to share at the September Association meeting.

Here are two links that will provide you with some information about the ash borer:

Information from the New York DEC
How to identify Ash Borer infestation

Below is a handout that was discussed at the meeting.


Handout for Aug 5 2017VBP Assoc Mtg.docx


Below is a Material Safety Data Sheet:




Below is Insecticide Options for Protecting Ash Trees from Emerald Ash Borer:



Below is a document with information on invasive species:

invasive plant field guide.pdf


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