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In October 2017, Davey Resource Group, Inc. spent a week at Van Buren Point doing an inventory, and analysis of the overall health of not only Association trees but also the trees of individual cottage owner's who requested, and paid for this service.


A detailed report on the health of the Association trees was provided to the Tree Committee of the Van Buren Point Board as a result of this work.  The Tree Committee has spent a significant amount of time reviewing this report and working with Davey.  Below is the following:

  • Summary of the Davey Report
  • The full report
  • Additional Information you may find helpful

More information will be presented on the site, once it's available. 

Are you interested in donating a tree in memory of a loved on?

If so, you can make a contribution of $200 which will purchase and plant a new tree on Association property within Van Buren Point.  For $250, you can also include a plaque honoring your loved one.  Please see the attached form for details.

Tree Donation Form.docx



Below is a quick summary:


Tree Management Plan Summary.docx


Below is a copy of their detailed management plan:


Final VBP Management Plan.pdf 


Below is a link to a video on Tree Planting & Maintenance:


Below are two links that will provide you with some information about the ash borer:


Information from the New York DEC
How to identify Ash Borer infestation
Below is Insecticide Options for Protecting Ash Trees from Emerald Ash Borer:




Below is a document with information on invasive species:


invasive plant field guide.pdf



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