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Van Buren Point is a Historic Summer Community.  Families have been coming to VBP for generations.  Some cottages have been in families for over 80 years.  Even Mark Twain owned lot 10 at VBP from 1879 until 1882.  


The origins of Van Buren Point date back to 1784, then known as Van Buren Harbour.  The documents and photographs below open the door to the history of VBP.


If you have historical pictures, or documents, we would love to share them with the community.  Please email them to


Sales Booklet - c1940s.pdf

Van Buren Point Brief History - 1975.pdf

Van Buren Point History.pdf

Andy's History.pdf

Mark Twain VBP Connection.docx

Letter about Community Center - 1949.pdf

Womens Club Formation and Community Center Building - 1946.pdf


Below are a series of newspaper articles about Van Buren Point.  When you open the article, it will be in adobe, you may need to zoom in to read small print. 


The Buffalo Times (Tug Stranded at VBP) 8-22-1923.pdf 

The Buffalo Times (Season Starting) 6-28-1897.pdf 

The Buffalo Times (John Clark Charged with Arson) 4-24-1901.pdf 

The Buffalo Commercial 7-30-1887 .pdf 

The Buffalo Commercial (Hotel Arson) 8-3-1900 .pdf

Dunkirk Evening Observer (Vacation Time Begins at VBP) 7-3-1940.pdf

Dunkirk Evening Observer (Spend the 4th at VBP) 7-2-1912.pdf

Dunkirk Evening Observer (New Cottage - Young Women House Party) 7-1-1950.pdf

Dunkirk Evening Observer (Land Auction) 8-4-1921.pdf

Dunkirk Evening Observer (Guests at VBP Inn) 9-8-1942.pdf 

Dunkirk Evening Observer (Final Meeting of the Year) 9-8-1942.pdf 

Dunkirk Evening Observer (Contest) 8-30-1917.pdf 

Dunkirk Evening Observer (Bridge Tournament) 6-14-1939.pdf

Dunkirk Evening Observer (Barn Torn Down) 8-23-1943.pdf

Dunkirk Evening Observer (Advertisement) 7-6-1911.pdf
Buffalo Weekly Express 7-8-1886.pdf

Buffalo Morning Express (Rooms for Rent) 6-1-1912.pdf 

 Buffalo Evening News (VBP Open for Season) 7-20-1900.pdf

Buffalo Evening News (Hotel Arson) 8-4-1900.pdf


Below are narratives from members of the Van Buren Point community, describing their time at VBP.  They discuss their lives, their families, and the community.  It's a great snapshot into our history, and culture within Van Buren Point.


Jan Watterworth History.docx 

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